Monday, November 16, 2015

Making up for lost time with Cinnamon Clove Chicken and Homemade Applesauce

How is it possible that it has been over a year since I had a chance to sit down and write for Nashville Table and share a recipe or two!   Where has the time gone?  What happened in this last year?  How can this be?

Oh ya- third baby came!  That's it, now I remember.  Little Thatcher arrived and I gotta be honest here.... 3rd baby knocked mama off her feet!  You hear people continuously say, "Going from one to two babies was the game changer for us."  Or, "going from one to two was nothing, but two to three was where it got us."  I would have to say without even blinking, "Two to three WAS THE GAME CHANGER!"
Even though Thatcher has been the most pleasant, easy, low key, and delightful baby, something in my head happened! brain fell out!  So this last year has looked like-  new baby, husband on 2 tours, my son going to kindergarten, teaching piano, trying to remember to shower and wash my hair, and running around chasing little sweeties!

However, I am happy to announce that in the last few months life has slowly begun to feel normal again.  Earlier in my blogs, you might recall, I wrote about the "sacredness" of dinner time.  In this house, we light the candles, turn on French music, and make dinner a nightly event with our family.  Well- for the last year, there have been no candles,  no music, mostly paper plates, and a lot of Praise Baby music in the background rather than my French music!  Now the food remained quite tasty, but the atmosphere has been loud and chaotic with a toddler, a baby, and my 5 year old, who, I love with all my heart, but he NEVER quits talking.  Dinner has been survival of the fittest, with Luke and I looking at each other with eyes that ask, "are we gonna make it?"

Thankfully,  things have finally calmed down.  We have found our rhythm.  The record player is turning once again, and Edith Piaf or Ella Fitzgerald is serenading me most nights as I prepare dinner.   Candles are lit, a glass of wine is poured, and we gather together at the table.  Sure, dinner is still a little rowdy-like my 5 year old still talks from the moment we sit down to the moment we begin to clear the dishes, and my 1 year old screams with a shriek that can crack every window in our home, while my 3 year old little girl sings and hums without ceasing.  But hey, at least the paper plates are gone!   Sounds nice, huh?  Anyone wanna come for dinner?

Fall cooking is one of my favorite seasons to cook.  The weather is dreamy, so it is still a wonderful time to grill, a GLORIOUS time to bake, and a beautiful time to start easing into those winter recipes that have been on the back burner since the year before.

Probably one of my favorite Fall Dishes is my Cinnamon Clove Chicken and  Homemade Applesauce.  Truly the best. (In my opinion)  Your house will literally smell like Fall.  Cinnamon Chicken-sounds a little strange, but the savory mixed with a hint of sweet?  Oh my word.  Trust me and try it out!

Cinnamon Clove Chicken and Homemade Applesauce

1, 4-5 lb. roasting chicken
2 lemons
olive oil
cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice

Prepare oven at 425 degrees.

Clean and prepare the chicken for roasting.  Slice 2 lemons and stuff them inside the cavity of the chicken.  Rub olive oil all over the chicken, and lightly salt the outside of the body.
Then sprinkle about a tsp of cinnamon over the chicken.  1/2 tsp of allspice, clove, and nutmeg also just sprinkle on the body of the chicken.

Roast chicken at 425 degrees for 1 hour or 1 1/2  hours or until chicken juices are no longer pink when you cut into it.

Allow the chicken to rest for 10 minutes before cutting and serving.

Homemade Applesauce

I really like Barefoot Contessa's recipe for Homemade Applesauce.  I usually cut back on the sugar just a little bit, but overall, it is a wonderful recipe. The credit goes to Ina on this one.  Follow the link below.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Keeping it Simple

Summer here in Nashville has been pretty incredible this year.  Although there have been some very hot days (89 and 90 degrees is very hot for us!) overall, we have had mostly days of light rain, 75-80 degrees, and even days that felt a little chilly!   Everything is green and gorgeous and you would never think in a million years that it is the end of July.  It truly has felt like Spring most of the summer.   For the 4th of July we were actually in light sweaters and hoodies watching the fireworks.  I think that is the first time that has ever happened in my life!

Summer has been more laid back for our family this year.   Our third baby arrives in a little over a week and things have been kept very easy and slow for me this summer.  The weather, as I said before, has been on my side, thank the Lord.  However, for the last couple of months, I have definitely felt, "Is this pregnancy going to ever ever end!?!?!?!"   Keeping up with two other children while pregnant with a third has been quite interesting.  Or should I say, quite exhausting.  In all of it, we are so grateful for our sweet family and so very excited for our third babe to arrive.  There is not a day that passes that I do not wonder, "How in the world do women have 10 children?  Or even 6 or 7 for that matter?"   My hat is off to them, I don't have it in me.  I am not a trooper when it comes to pregnancy.  My husband is a huge help and gets the "best husband of the world" award.

Luke has had minimal travel with music, which has been really nice, and today I actually found time to sit at the piano and just play.  I think I mentioned before, I have been playing piano since I was 5 years old.  I am a classically trained pianist.   However, in these days of motherhood, I rarely get to just sit at the piano and enjoy creating.  I am fully aware that that season of my life will return, however, it is just not first place right now.  My kiddos are, and I am completely at peace with that.  Nine out of 10 times that I sit down to attempt to play through some music, I have a little girl and a little boy on each side of me, cramming themselves as close as possible to me in order for all three of us to fit on the piano bench.   I am not joking, I begin to play, and it takes them about 30 seconds to run from wherever they are in the house and join me as if I was begging them to come and duet or trio with me.   But, for the moments like today, where I got to be a solo pianist, I am so grateful!  Music gives me life, playing the piano gives me a breath of fresh air.  So, today was pretty dreamy!

As I mentioned before, we have kept this summer very peaceful, very calm, and as restful as possible.  By the end of the day, I am dying to get off my feet, so to be totally honest, I have not had a ton of master chef cooking moments.  My goal has been to keep things simple, tasty, and healthy.  Luke is a fabulous griller, and like most of you out there, we do a lot of grilling in the summer.  So, he has prepared a lot of our main dishes which has been great and so helpful to me.

For you moms who need ideas for keeping it simple:  there are days, you just can't pull off a huge dinner.  Your brain is zapped, your body hurts, and you are just waiting to crawl into bed at 8pm (or whenever the last kiddo goes to bed.)  It is ok to have a very simple meal.  That doesn't make  you a bad mom, a crummy wife, or a failure.  What it does make is a easy night on you!  Here is an example of a super easy, but unbelievably delicious meal we had the other night.

Fresh garden tomatoes covered in cottage cheese and basil from my herb garden.   Sliced avocado with lemon pepper, salt, and drizzled with olive oil.  It was so wonderful!!!!  If I were not pregnant, I would have accompanied it with a fresh mojito, but that will come soon enough.   Dinner took me less than 10 minutes to prepare.  There were veggies and protein,  and the meal was bursting with flavor.
Don't avoid going simple.  We all need much more simplicity in our crazy lives.  The Europeans do it all the time.  Cheese and bread, a bowl of olives, meat and cheese plates,  pasta with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon?   If they can, then so can we!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Falling in Love with Cooking -Tip #7

No children or pets in the kitchen while cooking.

 Cooking is MY time. That is probably why I enjoy it so much! My husband takes the kids to another room, and it is his time to play and entertain them while I prepare dinner.  It keeps the atmosphere peaceful.  Otherwise, my 4 yr. olds little fingers are continuously reaching on the countertop trying to snag whatever it is that I am cutting.  And my 21 month old is hanging on my legs or pushing the kitchen chairs over to the island so that she can "help" me cook.  She isn't helpful, but she is cute. Again, being a music city mom, I have had to prepare and cook ahead on the days that Luke is out of town.   I quickly learned that cooking while two kids are running around the kitchen is not a beautiful experience.  Furthermore, if that is the scene, then I always sit down for dinner with knots in my shoulders.

 What if your husband wants/likes dinner ready right at 5:30pm when he walks through the door so you have to cook with the kids hanging on your legs and crying?  Well than no wonder you hate cooking if that is your situation.  It's stressful.  Here is my suggestion.  Try saying this in a very pleasant tone, “Sweetheart, that is a great idea. If you want dinner at 5:30pm, than be home by 4:30pm to cook it yourself and have it prepared by 5:30pm,  I would love to eat at that time,  sounds perfect to me.” Otherwise, he gets home, takes the kids, gives you your first time to breathe all day, and allows you to pleasantly prepare the dinner for your family.   Being a mom is wonderful, but it is hard work, and we are just as tired at the end of a long day.   It is ok to be a wife and a mom AND to NOT feel like you are slaving away night and day.  We want to cook and prepare dinner for our family to enjoy.....we just need peace and quiet to do so!  Then we can truly say, “This was prepared with love!”   If hubby does get home by 6pm and it is too late to start trying to cook at that time I totally understand.  On the days that Luke is in the studio he is not home until 5:45 or 6, so it is too late for me to begin preparing dinner at 6pm.  This is where I cut myself a break, and turn on a nice educational show for the kids to watch while I peacefully prepare dinner.  They get there time to calm down before dinner and I get my time to calm down as well.  I do understand that this issue with "space" will change as my children get older. As I said before, my 21 month old daughter and many times my son as well, really do want to help me in the kitchen.  Bethany, is just not helpful at this time.  She reaches, grabs, and shoves things into her mouth that I am trying to prepare.  Jonah can be helpful at times and really loves to spend that time with me, so I do allow him at times to help me.  It's fun for him and it gives us something to bond over. However, again, it is ok, to say, "Tonight, I need some space, and mommy is just going to prepare dinner by herself."

 My second rule:  No pets in the kitchen.  My little yorkie, Sully, knows exactly what “out of the kitchen!” means.   He literally stands in one of the adjoining rooms to the kitchen and watches me.  I hate cooking with him under my feet.  At my parents, they have not trained their dogs to stay out of the kitchen, and you have to cook with a large German Shorthaired pointer's nose right at the counter, waiting for one drop of food.  While on the other side of your leg is a small yorkie shaking and waiting as well, and you continuously step on or trip over him.  Stressful!  These are those atmospheres/times that I would suggest that tequila shot I mentioned earlier before you start cooking!

Clear out the kitchen, clear out your head, enjoy the space, pour a glass of wine, and cook a lovely dinner.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Immersion Family Band with a Side of Street Tacos.

Some of our dearest friends here in Nashville are our Immersion Family Band (as we call ourselves).  They are those type of friends that you feel you have known your entire life.  You can tell them anything, say anything, sing anything, create anything, play anything, and it is just a safe and fun environment.  We laugh, cry, dream, write music, record music, share our hearts, talk very honestly, and then laugh a lot more altogether!

The band and the music was created by our great friend Anthony Skinner.  Anthony is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever met, and then to just tip it off, he sings, and has one of the most intriguing, unique, and phenomenal voices I have ever heard.
We meet on a regular basis, share a meal altogether, and spend the evening circled up, playing, singing, and worshipping together.  It is an amazing night of community and music and I leave with a full heart every single time.  

With the band, there are no practices, no rehearsals, they just come together and the music is perfect.  It is a very unique situation.  Each member of the band is a full-time professional musician here in Nashville, so of course, the quality that each player brings is top notch.  However, when these guys get together, magic just seems to happen and those around who are able to be at Immersion that evening,  get to reap the blessings of the music.  We have truly become like family.  They are some of our very closest friends here in Music City.  We spend holidays together, cookouts, breakfasts, birthdays, and much more.  These are those people that have us over for dinner just as much as we have them over!  Our homes are continuously open to one another.  It is a beautiful relationship and we love them all!
Make sure you check out the videos below.  All the songs are downloadable on iTunes under Anthony Skinner.

Immersion sometimes will occur twice a month on a Tuesday or a Friday night.  It usually turns into a very busy day for our family.  Most of time we share a meal together with the band, but on the nights we do not, I have to plan ahead, because there is no time for preparing dinner for my family that evening.   If it falls on a Tuesday,  that day becomes a non stop, extremely busy day for us.  The morning starts with a weekly meeting that my husband has with our church (he is the band leader).  It goes from 9-12pm, he then comes home, and I leave to go teach piano lessons for the afternoon.  I walk  back through the door, and he loads his guitars and leaves for Immersion about 30 minutes after I get home.  I eat a quick dinner with our sweet kids, and then leave for Immersion as well.  

It is a crazy day and there is no time for cooking.  So, I pull out one of my crock pot meals for days just like this one!!

Street Tacos

This recipe was given to me by my sister, Jessica.  It is probably one of the most simple things I cook, and yet, it is one of the tastiest.  Don't you just love recipes like that?!?  Even better, it is healthy!   It is also one of my go-to's when Luke leaves town, because it will feed me and the kids for a couple of days.  It is difficult to cook when Luke is gone because I generally will have my 4 year old riding around our kitchen island on his fire truck with his fire hat  and fire coat on making very loud siren noises, while my 1 1/2 yr. old baby girl stands up and hangs on my legs and says, "hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me."  Can any mom relate?  Total chaos.  Not fun, not fun at all.  These are not the beautiful nights of cooking that I describe with a quiet, clean kitchen, glass of wine, and French music.  That is why I plan ahead. 

So, the Street Tacos are perfect for a busy day when you don't have time to cook that evening.  I serve the chicken tacos with corn tortillas, fresh cilantro, salsa, a dab of sour cream and a squeeze of fresh lime.  They are amazing!  If you are a busy mom and you don't have a lot of time for cooking, this is the recipe for you.  It is a game changer.

I have posted some Immersion Family Band videos as well as the Street Tacos recipe below.  I have no doubt that you will enjoy the food an the music!!!!!

Street Tacos:
3 Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts  (add more or less depending on how many you are cooking for)
1 package of taco seasoning
1 can of Rotel 
1 can of black beans-drained and rinsed  
1 package of Corn tortillas
1 lime cut into wedges
1 bunch of cilantro diced up
1 avocado, sliced
sour cream and hot sauce  (any other fixins you like on your tacos)

Turn the crockpot on Hi  (if you want it to cook slower and longer, than turn it on Low)
place chicken, taco seasoning,  and the can of Rotel with all the juices, in the crockpot. 
Cook for about 3 hours.  When the chicken is cooked through and falls apart, it is done. 
When the chicken is fully cooked, remove it from the crock pot and tear it apart-it literally will just shred into pieces.
So Easy!  Place it back into the crock pot mixture and stir in the can of black beans (don't forget to drain the beans first!).

Use 1-2  warm corn tortillas  for each taco.  I like to double them, because that is how I have always been served authentic street tacos. (I usually heat mine in the microwave or oven to get them soft).  Fill each tortillas with chicken mixture.   Garnish with sour cream, cilantro, avocado and salsa and then for the finishing touch, squeeze the wedge of lime on top!   It is divine!  Thanks Jess!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Falling in Love with Cooking- Tip # 6

-A Salt Bowl-
 I know, this is not a must, and probably even sounds ridiculous- but I love my salt bowl in my kitchen!   I am not even a huge salt fan, and I try to keep things low sodium,  however, something about having a salt dish next to your stove just makes you feel fancier and flashier as a cook!  Plus, you constantly need to season whatever you are cooking with salt and pepper (if you don’t do this, than this is why your food is bland and probably kind of gross) so it is handy to just have a salt dish next to your stove.  I would have a pepper dish as well, however, I do prefer the pepper to be freshly cracked, and I have a wonderful pepper mill that my mother brought me from Cortona, Italy.   So, I have to use that!

 Back to the salt dish, you just pinch and dab as you go along testing and tasting.  It just makes the experience fancier and more enjoyable!  Use a pretty, decorative, or fun salt bowl.  For 8 years, I used a wide flower bud vase that my husband and I bought at a wonderful old mansion in Ireland, where we stayed on our honeymoon.  I never used it for flowers, so finally I began using it as my salt dish, and I loved it, because it had meaning.  Luke broke it last year while cleaning the kitchen one night.    I was so sad! He was sad, and he swore he could glue it back together.....I now have a cute bowl from Anthropologie.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Falling in Love with Cooking- Tip #5

-A Great Cutting Board-

 A large bamboo or wood cutting board is a must in my opinion.  It will allow you to do all your prep and cutting without making every countertop in your kitchen messy.  My sister keeps those flimsy plastic cutting boards around.  She is a fabulous cook, but has the worst cutting boards!  I hate them! They bend, they slide, and they make the entire experience dangerous and stressful!   And they are tiny! You have no room, so if you try to prepare a salad for your meal, 1/2 of the ingredients end up off the board and on the counter.  Then you have a mess, rather than it all being neatly contained on your one big, amazing, wood cutting board.  My sister and I love to cook together, and thankfully, after complaining for years about her cutting boards (I can’t even call them that....cutting flimsy plastic place mats) she finally got a huge wood cutting board!   I love it!  I think she still uses her flimsy, dangerous, ridiculous, cutting mats.  But when I am in town, I pull out her huge, wonderful, practical,and useful wood cutting board.

I know you will find most wood boards to be expensive.  Who wants to spend $75 on a cutting board? I don’t.  I found my bamboo board for $12 at TJ MAXX.  And I love it.  Literally the best decision I have ever made in my life.  Ok, not literally the best decision,  I have made more important decisions than my cutting board.

  Helpful tip: Do not use your board to prepare or cut any raw meat. Try to clean it with hot water, and not much soap as to preserve it.  My dear friend Katie taught me to frequently rub olive oil on your board to keep it from drying out.  This will also preserve it, and keep it in great condition for years to come.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Falling in Love with Cooking- Tip #4

-A Glass of Wine-
Well, I am back from the holidays.  It truly takes weeks to recover from Christmas and New Year.  And if you have children, you will understand that it takes 2 extra weeks from the initial 2 weeks of recovery!  So, I am finally feeling normal again, and trying to get back to my normal schedule of teaching, cooking, mothering, writing music, and blogging.  I want to continue down the path of hopefully inspiring some of you out there to begin a new journey this year of Enjoying/Learning to cook.   It is 2014, maybe it can be one of your goals?

My 4th tip for helping you learn to enjoy the process of creating in your own kitchen is this:  A Glass of Wine.....or two.

I don’t have a glass of wine every night when cooking, but I do enjoy one a few times a week while cooking.  It tastes lovely, pairs great with French music, and is truly calming.  Most of the time it is a nice red wine.  In the summer, it is a glass of Prosecco, chilled, Italian Sparkling wine, my favorite summer drink over the last few years.  I enjoy the Prosecco from Trader Joe’s. It is great tasting, and very affordable.  Sorry, music city moms, the TJ here doesn’t sell wine....yet.  I stock up when I go to Kansas City where the TJ’s does sell wine. If it has been a really long day and I am exhausted, I will make a French Press and have a strong, hot, great cup of coffee while I prepare dinner. This is also really enjoyable, and has the added benefit of keeping my eyes open past 9:15pm so that I can actually have a conversation with my honey.  If you don’t like coffee than I suggest wine.   If you are not comfortable with drinking wine, than find a drink that you enjoy, and pour it into a pretty glass so that it feels special.  Remember, you are setting the atmosphere!  If you love beer, than serve yourself a nice cold beer in a large frosted glass and enjoy it while you cook!  To each his own!  If it has been the ultimately difficult “mom” day, and you want to kill everything and possibly everyone around you, than I suggest a shot of tequila and a sprinkle of salt with a fresh squeeze of lime!  Just not too much before you pick up the cooking knife!  :)

As a mom, cooking with a nice glass of wine or a wonderful cup of coffee just feels like the finish line to me.  My husband is home, French music is playing, my kids will go to bed soon, (I adore them, but by 5pm, let’s be honest, we all start watching the clock), and I will have a few quiet hours in the evening before the next day begins.  I can sip my wine, prepare my dinner for my wonderful family, and then sit down and enjoy the beautiful food.

So, my suggestion to you today:  Plan your menu, turn on your music, clear out the kitchen of chaos, and pour a glass of wine.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Falling in Love with Cooking- Tip #3

-French Music-

I love all kinds of music.   I am classically trained.  I was raised on Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, and many more.  I am a worship leader.  I write country and Americana music, I have a children’s lullaby album, and I am married to a man who introduces me to so much music it keeps my head spinning.  However, when it comes to cooking, pretty much one type for me:  French Music.

My sister got me hooked on great French music.  Luke is always asking me to change up the music when I cook, and that is when I say, “Oh honey, too many cooks in the kitchen.”  He gets to choose the music for clean up time after the meal, I choose the music for cooking time.  That is our arrangement.  As I said before, you will almost never walk into my kitchen during dinner time and not find French music serenading me in the background.  Now, if for some reason I forget to turn the music on, Jonah, my 3 1/2 yr. old, will always remind me during dinner, "Mom, we need French music while we eat."  No joke.

  Some of my favorite choices:  Edith Piaf, Django Reinhardt, Hans Zimmer, Eartha Kitt, Stephane Grapelli, and the great Charles Aznavour.  I am not saying that you have to cook to French music, but you might want to give it a try, I swear, it makes the food more beautiful.  If it isn’t French, than pick your favorite, but remember, try to make it pleasant and peaceful music, something that calms you.  This is your time of the day to let down and give a big sigh of relief.

Once in awhile I will stray from my French music and you might just walk into my kitchen and hear   Madeleine Peyroux.  She is another one of my favorite artists.  Her voice immediately makes you melt.  You want to look for the nearest bottle of wine, pour a sizable glass, and just disappear into her melodies.  She is pretty dreamy, so if you have not heard of her, please check her out!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Full Day of Christmas Music and More!

Today has felt like one of those non-stop days.  Wait, does every day feel like that?  I have had my usual lists of calls and "to do's"  that I am trying to get through.  Taking care of my two sweet kiddos, preparing dinner, teaching piano, and trying to get out the door with Luke by 7pm to attend a live video streaming of Brandon Heath- an artist who Luke is playing with tonight for a Christmas Show.

It's a busy day, and my multi-tasking skills are in full steam.  I had a friend and her baby over this morning for a play date.  While visiting with her, I prepared our dinner- Vegetarian Chili.  I have to admit, I was one of those people who did not like the thought of veggie chili.  What is the point, right?  Chili has meat.  So, if you don't want the meat, than just don't make chili.  Eat a carrot.  Until I came across this recipe!  It uses tons of veggies, of course, and then you finish it off with grating a large head of cauliflower into the chili.  The cauliflower acts as the meat, and you truly can't tell the meat is not there!  It totally amazed me, and is now one of my families' favorites.

So-while we I visited with my friend, I prepared the veggie chili, fed lunch to the kids, and cleaned up. Now, I am working on my phone calls and my lists, cleaning up behind my children, and am getting ready to leave in a few minutes to go and teach piano lessons.  It is just one of those days!  I will get home, feed the kids dinner, take that shower I so desperately long for, yet haven't had time for today (don't judge me, I am doing the best I can) and then I head off to the Christmas show.

Just thinking about everything already makes me excited for bed!

This is a typical day for us here in Music City.  We juggle a lot of things at once, work in rehearsals and recordings, play in shows, keep our family happy, and then somehow find the time to sleep.

Tune in for the live stream Christmas show tonight at Brandon Heath's house.  You will enjoy it!!!  It starts at 9pm Central.  Just click on the link below and it will take you to the live stream that begins at 9pm.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Falling in Love with Cooking - Tip #2

-A Great, Sharp Knife-

 This revolutionized my cooking.  I have a beautiful, expensive knife set.   I use ONE knife at all times.   A great chef knife, or Santoku knife.  That is all you need.  If you spent less that $100 on a knife, it is probably not a great knife.  They are usually around $99.00 or more in a store (I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond)  and you will use it forever.  It is worth every penny, and truly makes cooking more fun. You can find them a little cheaper on Amazon.  See links below.

My family teases me, because when I vacation at a beach house or cabin, you will always find my Santoku knife, wrapped in a dish cloth in one of my grocery bags.  I literally cannot go somewhere else and cook without it.  And guess who comes and borrows my knife for the whole family members!    It ruined one of my vacations once because I was stuck with the cabin’s cheap serrated knife for the whole week!  I have never made that mistake again....I’m really not kidding, that is the pathetic part!

I am obsessed with cooking with a sharp, good knife.  And if you spend the money on a great knife, spend another $25 or more on a great knife sharpener.  A great knife is useless if it is dull.  It is just as frustrating.   If you think a knife doesn’t matter, and it wouldn’t make a difference to you, then I will tell you have been using a cheap terrible knife.  Because once you prep food with a great knife, you can’t go back.   My Santoku knife I have had for 6 years, and use it for everything!

Santoku knife on Amazon - Buy Here

Santoku knife with sharpener- Buy Here